Introducing Shift Wallet - the future of cryptocurrency asset management

In the dynamic world of cryptocurrency, security and efficiency are paramount. Shift Wallet is a revolutionary hybrid hardware wallet designed to offer the best of both worlds: the convenience of a “hot” wallet with the security of a “cold” wallet, all within a single, robust hardware device.

Seamless Integration for Live Services

Live dApp services require the ability to automatically sign transactions at-will. As traditional hardware wallets necessitate manual approval for each transaction, service operators are forced to store wallet keys on servers, where they’re vulnerable to attack. Shift Wallet transcends this limitation by enabling service operators to autonomously authenticate transactions from the security of a hardware device. Our cutting-edge hardware securely stores wallet keys, rendering them inaccessible to adversaries. Even in the event of a server compromise, your keys remain protected, ensuring peace of mind.

Dual-Functionality for Maximum Flexibility

Shift Wallet’s hybrid nature allows users to effortlessly switch between “hot” and “cold” wallet functionalities. Enjoy the ease of a hot wallet for regular transactions and the fortified security of a cold wallet for long-term storage, all within a single device.

Effortless Security with Temporary “Burner” Addresses

Shift Wallet introduces a groundbreaking feature that streamlines your trading experience: temporary “burner” addresses. With this feature, users can initiate a “hot” wallet session that generates a temporary wallet for a limited-scope session. This allows for a seamless flow of transactions without the need for manual authorization of each transaction.

How It Works

  1. Initiate a Session: Start a hot wallet session and receive a unique, temporary burner address.
  2. Select TX Guard Parameters: Lock down your burner address using our TX Guard feature. Restrict transactions to limited amounts, specific dApps, and more with just a few clicks.
  3. Trade Freely: Conduct your transactions using the burner address with full confidence and agility.
  4. Automatic Consolidation: Once the session concludes, the remaining balance in the burner address is automatically transferred back into your secure cold wallet.


  • Speed: Keep up with the pace of the market by executing transactions rapidly.
  • Security: Rest assured that your funds are safe during the session, with the security of Shift Wallet’s hardware.
  • Convenience: No more manual confirmations for each transaction, giving you more time to focus on your trading strategies.
  • Peace of Mind: At the end of the session, your assets are safely consolidated back into the cold wallet, ready for secure storage.

Embrace the Shift to a smarter, faster, and more secure trading experience with Shift Wallet. Coming soon.